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Say No Drugs : Here is reason that no one will tell you.

Permanent effects on memory capacity, decision-making & planning power.

You would also agree that drugs lower lour decision power. But you think it's for a moment only. However, research on humans and animals have shows that drug affects your decision-making and inhibition.

The frontal cortex of brain is highly evolve, and it took millions of years to develop such cognitive power however right now due to drug uses you are going step backward in evolution. I bet you would not want people on the road driving cars whom's decision power is affected by regular use of drugs.

Understand Why you are not able to Say No Drugs ?

As you have used drugs from quite sometime, Your intelligence, commitment power, inhibition, decision-making, all are affected by the substance. As you are becoming mentally weak, it's hard to Say No Drugs and stay clean.

That is why it sets ground for addiction and relapses. So, Say No Drugs now. I understand you may want to quit, but you won't be able to as every day you do drugs it keep lowering your decision power and commitment power, planning power and memory capacity. This means over long time drugs can make you retarded in terms of making good decisions. This can seriously affect your life.

But many artist use drugs for Creativity.

There are exceptions everywhere, However I assure you they would have been able to produce lot more creativity by focusing on craft and not rely on external chemicals for creativity. Once you use the substance you will rely on the chemical for your happiness, Now the availability of this chemical will decide whether you will be happy and creative tonight or not. This is lots of power given to a chemical.

Human being is the most sophisticated machine on the planet. This machine is capable of doing miracles however you must train this machine, give it time, and you will see your health, brain, your art creativity, work, life, relationship and intellect will blossom.

How to say No Drugs is not important But Why To Say No Drugs is.

My mentor said once, If your 'Why' is clear, How is not a big deal, you will figure it out. Once you establish strong why, Why you don't want drugs in your life, Your reason to quite must be very strong. Your understanding of what drugs are doing to you must be very deep. Then your Why to Say No Drugs will be very clear, and you will be able to say instantly no without googling how to say No Drugs.