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How to look attractive ? Tips from all the internet combined

Now, you may have heard many solutions to become more attractive. First things they give is health advices like, eat well, sleep well, exercise well and be in shape. No, I have seen beautiful girls going out with no shape guys too. It's not only about looks.

Second advices will go around dressing sense. Like dress well and appear neat and clean. But That is doable by everyone than how can you become more attractive than guy seating next to you who is also neat and clean, well-dressed.

Now, these are few odd solutions you will find online.

  1. Be mindful, delightful, happy, little funny & put on a smile.
  2. Listen attentively, shake head when you listen, show palm of your hands (apparently psychological showing palm is showing honesty. Woah! Beware if your palm sweats.)
  3. Don't let your hands scratch below your belt (ouch),
  4. Don't gaze her cleavage (I did not, It's just eye slip by mistake.).
  5. Do Gossip a lot, but always say I heard someone said in canteen. (Play safe)
  6. Don't wear misspelled brands like Adibas and niki. (I did not know at the time of buying.)
  7. Say No to girls. (oh, just because she is pretty you don't have to do her assignment)

Happy friendship day.