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How to increase your focus and concentration in teenage.

As a teenager I heard this phrase every day. "Son, Focus on your study", "Focus on exams", "Focus on life", "Concentrate son concentrate or else you will fail". If I make even a smaller mistake I will hear "Son, where is your focus?". However, No one never taught me how to focus and concentrate.

Note: See, Focus and Concentrate both are same however I am using both to get more search appearances. Wish me luck.

What is Focus and Concentration?

Simply, It is to attain something for extended amount of time. Let me twist my last sentence a little and say the same thing because I do SEO. Focus and Concentration is the ability to pay attention to something for longer duration. Longer you can focus or concentrate on something faster you will learn it.

Why you can not Focus?

  1. Not interested, not important

Simple, Because you find that meaningless and not important. That is why you can not focus. However, this is half true.

  1. Never Practiced paying attention.

Even if you are interested so much in something you can lose focus just because you have not practiced to focus enough.

  1. Distraction of life

There are many distractions which craves your attention time to time, Like your idiot phone. Your so-called smartwatch. Oh! Look it's time to drink water. Aww.

How to Focus?

  1. Watch Mosquito

Why? Why would you want to watch mosquito to increase focus. I will tell you why. First thing,

It is the most meaningless thing. Yes, you need to understand that you will have to focus many times on many meaningless stuffs even not interesting stuffs, so start by watching mosquito fly.

Second thing, Because mosquito is slow flyer. Next we will increase the level.

  1. Watch Housefly.

Yep, she is faster if you can keep track of housefly for a minute, your eyesight and your attention power both will increase.

Hey, I must warn you that you will feel intimidated to kill these guys, But please do not attempt to murder. They are life too.

  1. Now seriously, Eat living food.

No, I do not meant eat living organisms. I meant uncooked vegetables and fruits. Why? Simply because These vegetables won't give you lethargic feelings afterwards. I understand we can not go on full uncooked diet. However, we can make our 40% diet uncooked and that is necessary for your concentration power.