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Before you choose a career, Look what Lifestyle it offers.

What matters to you most? Status, Lifestyle or Work meaningfulness.

Most of the people make mistake by choosing career by the recommendation of society. The career which can elevate their social status only. While in this era, you can do anything you want. You must ask yourself, What matters to you most? Status, Lifestyle or Work meaningfulness. You must choose your career according to what you would value most. If you think Status is the most important thing for you, you should also ask your opinion is not influence by your surrounding, is it what you really wants?

Here is an example.

If you choose to be doctor, it comes with lifestyle that require 10+ hours of hard work, very keen attention and no chance of any mistakes. However, it offers great value to society and serving health of a mankind is the most meaningful work. There will be always trade offs.

Skill Always Pays off.

It's fine to spend money on skill rather than degree. I understand that after 12th class many students would opt for 3 years degree college or Engineering of 4 years. However, If you think that you want to directly acquire job skill and want to jump in to the industry, you should go for skill courses. I assure you if you have skills you will get a job or will be able to freelance. Right now, just about anything can be learned online without any requirement of going anywhere.

Here are few good paying skills which will not require any degree. You just need to make good projects, portfolio, few free work and reviews, that will get you a good reputation and job too.

  1. Video Editing
  2. Photoshop
  3. Tally
  4. Web development with React JS and Next JS
  5. Node JS Development
  6. VFX Animation Course

It's fine to be Crazy.

Sometimes, people think that secure options are best. However, it's fine to be crazy and do something different from what society suggests you or your friends are doing.

Imagine none of your friend is going for Pilot course or no one in society recommend you to do VFX animation course, However you should not be afraid to choose such profession as they are the future and if that supports the lifestyle you want, you should go for it.

If you want to start a YouTube channel and if you have some valuable content you can provide, You must not be afraid of tries it out. I assure you if you work 3 years on YouTube you will be able to achieve something from your venture.

Understand the Rat Race.

I hope you know the rat race. You see everyone is running behind the money. This earns money and spend money cycle is called rat race. It is like rat cheesing the cheese hanging on his head.

It's hard to skip this cycle as there is no education around it. However, you can read many books like Rich dad poor dad which can make you understand how to be financial free. This books talks about how to develop mentality which helps you generate cash flow & multiple income sources. It talks about controlling Cash In and Cash Out, What is making you money (Assets) what takes money from you (Liabilities).

How important is Financial Freedom to you?

If Financial freedom is important to you, you should look at the profession you choose and ask yourself, is it possible to become financial free in this profession? How long it can take to achieve financial Freedom. According to that you should choose any profession.