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Read these 2 books to become financialy free in life.

In today's world freedom is the most important thing. First kind of freedom you will want is Financial Freedom. This freedom can give you all other kind of freedoms like, freedom of time, freedom of space and most important a free mind. Read these 2 books to escape the rat race and become financial freedom.

1. Rich Dad Poor Dad

Rich Dad Poor Dad book was released in 1997 and still teaches most important lessons of financial freedom in very easy to understand language. This books talks about basic difference in poor mentality and rich mentality.

He talks about his real dad who was poor and his teachings. His poor dad taught him one should work for money in a safe stable job. And work his way up in the leader. He believed and taught that Person's wealth largely depend on family's heritage and wealth. It is very risky to become rich from poor family background.

He talks about his rich dad, who was father of one of his friend and gave him lessons to become rich. He taught him to get a job to learn skills which required to become entrepreneur. Furthermore, he laughed on mentality that says one should work his way up on leader, but he says why not own the leader. He talks about how rich people buy assets and not liabilities. How rich people make their money work for them. He talks about learning finance and cash flow and learn to sell and pitch. Look for opportunity and take calculated risk to create business and cashflows.

2. The Psychology of Money : 'Timeless Lessons on Wealth, Greed, and Happiness’

The Psychology of Money book was published in a year 2020. It talks deep about how your psychology about money can make you Rich, poor, happy, sad, greedy or wealthy. This book has 19 stories, and it talks about unique ways people think about money.

Generally we think people who do well with money must be very smart. However, this book will convince you that it largely depends on how well you behave rather than how smart are you. The key always takes from this book are following.

  1. Never compare. Social comparison is killer of all motivations.
  2. Compounding requires your patience, because it only works if you give it time.
  3. Real wealth is freedom of ability to do anything you want to do at anytime you want to do.
  4. One should be reasonable than rational
  5. Skip the rat race and run your own race.